'The Detroit History Podcast:' Ford's Edsel -- The Road to Lemonville

June 04, 2024, 10:07 PM

Photo for Detroit History Podcast (Getty Images)

The Ford Motor Company had momentum going into the mid-1950s: a young Henry Ford II, who inherited the CEO job from his grandfather roughly a decade earlier, was reversing the company’s fortunes. But then, the company laid the biggest egg in automotive history.

It introduced the Edsel in 1957. Despite working with the best brains in the country, the project flopped and was scotched in 1960 costing nearly $2.6 billion in present-day dollars. Worse yet, it became a symbol for a badly-designed product. So what happened? Our analysts say the unusual front grille was the least of the problems facing the company.  -- Tim Kiska, The Detroit History Podcast

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