'Sad Day:' Readers React to Pending Departure of WDIV's Smilovitz, Meloni, MacDonald

May 15, 2024, 1:56 PM

Bernie Smilovitz, Mara MacDonald, Rod Meloni

News that WDIV's Bernie Smilovitz, Mara MacDonald and Rod Meloni are taking voluntary buyouts caught many by surprise and triggered an outpouring of comments from viewers on Deadline Detroit and social media.

Deadline Detroit first reported on the pending departures Tuesday night.

WDIV General Manager Bob Ellis said Wednesday in a statement to Deadline Detroit: "In March, WDIV launched a Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program. This optional program provides a thoughtful pathway for our long-serving colleagues nearing retirement."

Here's some of the many comments:

Pamela A. Matteson

Truly this is a shock. I love Bernie for his humor in all his approaches to sports. Mara is good too. I love Rod when he does his cook offs and his reports too. It must have been a decision they thought long and hard about. Let's see who can't fill their shoes next.

JoAnn M Kramer

You all will be missed. My wish for all of you that you have Health and Happiness in the next phase of your lives.

George Eichorn

You might also mention that Bernie Smilovitz won the prestigious Ty Tyson Award for Sports Broadcasting Excellence by the Detroit Sports Media Association.

Yulanda Manning

SMH!! So what if they cost more? They've given you all those loyal years. So now take care of them until the decide to retire. Not push them out and offer a PKG. What has the world come to? It's just sad!!

Patty V. Liptak-Winowski

Time to watch another channel. They got rid of Brandon, Paul and Andrew from the weather department. Here we go again. Having long time people is great. Well, the best employees are going to be gone. Perhaps there are a few others that haven't been there that long should be gone. Not to mention names, but the one can't read and pronounce words, every single days she stumbles over the script. Gee, get rid of her!!!!!!!!!!!

Taron Wright


David Woloszyk

Hey Bernie we've got highlights of your departure

Linda Ignasiak Delaney

These are three of my favorites.

Paul Abraham

I get excited when I'm able to get WDIV in with my antenna, because I know I'll be able to see Bernie do sports. Bummer.

Linda Taylor

Talented old timers. Probably best. Good luck and time to enjoy retirement!

Frank VonKampen

Bring back Van Earl Wright as Bernie’s replacement.

Tonya Marie Venson-Kemp

Are you serious! Wth!!!!

Marlene Hurst

So sorry, enjoyed all of you, channel 4 is making a big mistake.

Steve Berry

Bernie and his corny jokes were too much....

John Cilluffo

What do they all have in common???? One more left...... Sad.

Howard Robinson

Talented—Very special —Thanks and enjoy the future—The channel will bring in younger and good looking people to take their places

Wanda Huddleston Ventimiglia

Sad day. I quit watching Channel 7 when they did the same thing. Maybe I will give up on watching the news and just read the highlights online.

Tom Hudson

Too bad.

Nancy Mannaioni

Too bad. Won’t be watching WDIV

Ron Emmons

The weather guys got the shaft when Kim Adams was rehired after quitting and now this, they get an award for most turnovers

Bernice Nielsen

I like ch.4 news better then other stations. 

Thomas Wilk

It’s a business, things happen.

Julie Sullivan

Nooooo! Too much history there

Kathy Barnfather Van Hoorelbeke

Very sad that they are, so called “stepping down”! Which I don’t believe for a second that any one of them would do this voluntarily. They are the backbone of WDIV, not worth watching without them.

Gail Wilton Ford

Never knew who won or lost when Bernie did the broadcast.

Louis Cardinale

Shame on you channel 4.

Cheryl Herzog

Louis Cardinale it’s a voluntary offer

Jim Myers

Bernie? Good riddance.

Joseph Allen

Jim Myers he should have gone been years ago for cussing on the air.

Walter Shepard

The guy lost me at weekend at Bernies.

Kenneth Finney

Boycott wdiv 

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