Taylor Teacher of the Month Fired for Her Side Gig as a Rapper, 'Drippin Honey'

March 20, 2024, 11:21 PM

Domonique Brown rapping.

In December, Domonique Brown was named Taylor Preparatory High School teacher of the month. Now, she's been fired for her side gig as a rapper known as "Drippin Honey."

The Detroit native pursued her rap career outside of the classroom, but got the boot after a parent complained, Fox 2 reports. Her YouTube video, "Drippin 101," has 2,000 views in the past month.

She plans to take legal action against the school. 

"My outside life should not be grounds for termination when it does not interfere with my ability to fulfill my responsibilities as a teacher," Brown wrote under her music video on YouTube. "My dedication, professionalism, and passion for education have always been unwavering, regardless of any personal pursuits I may have."

The school issued a statement, saying: "Student well-being remains at the forefront of everything we do, and we will continue fostering a distraction-free teaching and learning environment focused on student success," the statement read in-part."

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