Michigan's Primary and the 'Uncommitted' Campaign Gets The Attention of Israeli Media

February 26, 2024, 9:54 PM

President Joe Biden

Haaretz, a liberal Israeli publication written in both Hebrew and English, writes that Tuesday's presidential primary in Michigan is "the biggest indicator yet for how concerned U.S. President Joe Biden should be of the sizable discontent among his base over his policies regarding the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza."

Reporter Ben Samuels writes from Washington:

Over the past several weeks, a campaign urging voters to select "uncommitted" on their primary ballots has gathered momentum – aiming to both voice real-time displeasure and send a stark message about the potential consequences of an unchanged approach come the November election.

Michigan has been the epicenter of internal Democratic outrage over Biden's approach on the Gaza war, but the discontent predates October 7. Biden's perceived failure to hold Israel accountable for its actions has alienated the state's significant Arab-American and Muslim-American populations.

Prominent community leaders have been murmuring for months that the Democratic establishment, and Biden in particular, are failing to understand how alienating his policies have been throughout his term.

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