Video: A California and Chicago Artist Create Eye-Catching Detroit Mural for Martin Lawrence Show

June 10, 2022, 7:00 AM by  Allan Lengel

Customers trickling out of the Forest Liquor store last weekend on Trumbull in Detroit's Woodbridge neighborhood marveled at the spray-painted mural in progress on the exterior of the storefront. 

Two artists who started their careers doing graffiti -- one from Oakland Calif., the other from Chicago -- came late last week to put up a commissioned mural promoting the new Martin Lawrence show, "Martin: The Reunion," that begins streaming on BET+ June 16. 

With mostly spray paint, they created the colorful ad for all to see zipping up and down Trumbull, just south of Forest. Deadline Detroit's Allan Lengel stopped by on Saturday and Sunday to talk with them. 

This video below was edited by Deadline Detroit's Myron Watkins II: 

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