Award-winning journalists Bill McGraw and Allan Lengel are the founders of Deadline Detroit, an independent, grassroots, digital media organization offering the authentic outlook on Detroit.

Peter Karmanos, founder of Mad Dog Technologies was Deadline's initial investor and continues to be one of its strongest supporters.

A homegrown media revolution, Deadline Detroit is a modern source for compelling, reliable news. It produces both unique original content and thought-provoking commentary on the day’s vital stories.

Deadline Detroit is renowned for its breaking news and groundbreaking investigative work, and stands apart from other news sources by offering a carefully curated aggregation of top Detroit-focused stories from respected local, national and international media.

Its readers in the city, suburbs and beyond are passionate about everything Detroit. As the evolution of Deadline’s revolution continues, the site provides its irreverent views on multiple platforms to a rapidly expanding audience.

Local news is more important than ever, and the foundation of delivering stories that matter is based on experienced, principled leadership and staff.

Deadline Detroit is a completely independent news operation, proud to have editors, staff and contributors whose credentials include the New York Times, Washington Post, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Associated Press, WDET- FM, Metro Times, Bridge Magazine and more.

MEIA FACT: 77% of U.S adults say the internet is important in how they get local news.